Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Longest Day of My Life - Literally.

Darcy and I are back in the Silicon Valley after spending two great weeks in China. I plan on adding some pictures and explaining some of our excursions in more detail, but do not have the energy for such a post at this time. I just spent over an hour uploading nearly 1000 pictures to my computer. Many came out great and I look forward to sharing them in the coming week.

It is 4pm PDT on Sunday, September 23rd, and I have now been awake for 23 hours straight (and counting). I woke up at 8am Beijing time, which is 15 hours ahead of California time, drove to the airport at 9:30am, boarded my flight at 11:15am, and took off for SFO at approximately noon Beijing time. The 10 hour and 45 minute flight landed us in San Fransisco at 8am PDT. Yes, that is four hours before the flight took off! It felt like a time warp. Even though my eyes were closed for a couple hours on the flight, and I perhaps bagged a short and uncomfortable "Z" or two, I didn't get what any of us would call "real sleep".

In an attempt to minimize jet lag for when I'm back in the office tomorrow, I am staying awake until bedtime. Darcy gave in and napped, but I am not giving in to my heavy eyelids. Hopefully I'll able to sleep at 8 or 9pm when I plan on going to bed, since my body will think it's already noon on Monday.

Even though the vacation was great and there are things I will miss about China (low prices, frequent massages, a maid doing my laundry every day, golfing with a caddie, etc.), I'm very happy to be back home here in the USA. I'm ready to hear English being spoken all around me, I'm ready to watch and follow American sports in real time, I'm ready to have access to juicy hamburgers and authentic Mexican food, and I'm even ready to get back to work.

When it's all said and done, September 23rd, 2007 will be the longest day of my life. I will have been awake approximately 28 hours straight, and have slept roughly 11 hours in a day that I was able to live in for 39 hours.

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Talia said...

I am so glad that you guys came. I had a blast with you guys!