Friday, September 21, 2007

Last Day in China

Today is our last full day in China, tomorrow (Sunday) morning we leave from Beijing at noon and arrive back in SFO around 9am the same day. We are back in Beijing now and have been back since Wednesday. We were able to change our flight from Shanghai from Thursday to Wednesday to get out of the typhoon weather. We were glad we did because it's been blue skies in Beijing ever since and we've had a lot of fun, but we are sad that our trip is coming to an end.

We got back to Beijing on Wednesday evening and had dinner and then massages. Thursday morning Jeff and I went to the Summer Palace which is where the emperor used to live during the summer months. It was beautiful and we got some great views of Beijing with blue skies. We walked around the whole grounds, which are huge, for about an hour and a half and then headed back to the house where we had a greek food lunch with the whole family. Talia gave us a tour of their school (International School of Beijing) and then we went to their soccer games at another rival school. Nico and Talia's teams both won. Then the whole family went to a Teppanyaki restaurant (Benihana style) for a great dinner. Our chef "Andy" taught us how to say a lot of chinese words and would critique each of us on how well we could say it. It was hilarious.

Friday morning we tried on some of the clothes that we had made, and then Jeff and Mario went to play golf (again) while Deanne and I went to get another massage. This time I got a "Traditional Thai Massage" which was awesome. You lay on a mat on the floor in some pajama like clothes while this lady twists you around to really stretch you while at the same time massaging. I would recommend it :). Nico and Talia were both staying at friends houses last night so the four of us went out to dinner (Peking Duck again) and then down to a popular bar area which Mr. Hong (the driver) called "America." I guess it was fitting because there were a ton of westerners there. We visited two or three bars/clubs before ending up at the same club we had gone to last week, Kokomo, where we hung out for a while before heading home.

Today Jeff and I have no plans at all. We're going to pack and hang out and might take a taxi into town later if we feel adventurous.

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