Friday, September 7, 2007

Day Before China

My life is approaching its 10,000th day. As of today, according to this site, I've lived 9,986 days. However, in all of those days, today is the only day I could say, "I'm going to China tomorrow" and it would be a true statement. Yes, that's right, tomorrow Darcy and I are off to China to see Beijing, Shanghai, and visit my Uncle Mario, Aunt Deanne, and cousins Nico and Talia. Our 13 hour flight takes off from SFO at 11am, and we won't be landing in Beijing until Sunday afternoon local time.

In preparation for this trip I have barely done anything. Last night I drove Bosco to Marin to hand him off to my parents who are taking care of him while we're gone. If you remember, I did this back in May when Darcy and I both left town on Memorial Day weekend. Tonight, we need to pack, and have not yet started! This means when I get home from work I need to start the laundry, figure out what to bring, and elegantly pack it into my suitcase while keeping in mind that I need space to bring home what I am sure to be purchasing in China.

In addition, I'm sure we'll clean the house, charge up the electronics, and make sure the neighbors know what to do for our cat while we're gone. I wanted to buy an Ipod shuffle at the new Apple store in Los Gatos, get an oil change and car wash, but it doesn't look like any of that is going to happen pre-China (maybe the shuffle ;-)). Oh yeah, and we have to be sure to set the DVR to record any new programs we plan on watching.

A few thoughts and comments:

- I can't wait to see The Great Wall
- I can't wait to play golf in China and have a caddie, and fore-caddie.
- I'm nervous to not be able to read any signs
- Will people there be willing and/or able to speak english?
- Will Darcy and I stick out like sore thumbs?
- I'm sad to be missing the first two weeks of the NFL football season, but will be checking scores and my fantasy team online.
- I plan to post pictures and fill you in on the trip via Narduzzi Nation.
- The plane better be playing good movies, hopefully that I haven't seen.
- I will have this and this as reading material.

September 21st, 2007 will be my 10,000th day on earth.


louisgray said...

So... I have lived 11109 days, and worked for the same company for 2417 of those days, so far. (21.7%)

Mike A. said...

I hope you both have one of these:

I will never be able to fly again without my qc2 headphones.

Jeff, it's sad you'll miss the thrilling conclusion to the PGA Tour Playoffs.
Tiger is not going to like these greens:

Have fun you two!