Friday, September 21, 2007

Beijing - Day 7

It's 8:30am on saturday morning over here, the start of our 7th day in Beijing. It seems like our trip is going by so quickly, I can't believe it's already halfway over! The last two days have been a lot of fun but we haven't done much touristy stuff. On Thursday it was raining so our trip to the Summer Palace has been postponed until next week when we get back from Shanghai. Instead we got massages and manicures/pedicures at the house and then went shopping at Ya Show again because we had to try on our clothes that are being made. After shopping we had dinner at the house with the family and then played Balderdash with the whole family.

Yesterday morning it was raining again, but Mario took the day off to play golf with us so we went anyways. The golf course was awesome. Everyone gets a caddie, female caddies for Jeff and Mario and a male caddie for me. It's a little tough because they don't speak any english except "par" and "bogey". They are so cute though. They pick out your clubs and line up your putts and since it was raining, they hold the umbrella over you. Unfortunately, the rain got ridiculous at the 8th hole so I quit after 9 (I'm a fair weather golfer). Jeff and Mario played another 9 and apparently it was only pouring for the first three holes. Mr. Hong and Deanne picked me up and we went home to relax while Jeff and Mario finished up their round.

At around 3pm, Deanne, Mario, Jeff and I went to a spa and got 90 minute full body massages. They were amazing and a lot different than the massages I've received in the US. They twist you and stretch you and jump up on the table to get their elbows into it. We loved it. Then Nico and Talia met up with us at this Muslim restaurant that was a lot of fun. Their specialty is lamb kabobs and they were tasty. They have belly dancers, a lounge singer, and a band (2 guitar players and a bongo drummer) who take turns entertaining while you eat. Jeff got called up by the lounge singer to go dance on stage, and he actually went and the whole place was cracking up. Then they got Mario, Deanne, me, Jeff and Talia up there for the next song. Right before we left, Nico went up there all by himself too. It was so funny, he even ended it with the robot.

Today I am so excited, we are going to the great wall at about noon. It looks like the sun is coming out too so we may even have blue skies!


Talia said...

Balderdash was so much fun. Remember I tricked you all by saying something that was so funny. I love all the definitions we gave specially Nico's and Jeff's. Well actually all of our definitions were weird. Well anyway I hope to see you all next year and I will bring Balderdash so we can play. I miss you all!!

Talia said...

That day on the stage was so funny and fun. I like how Jeff did his dance. Remember the people next to us drinking like 10 bottles of beer. I loved it when you guys came. Now we just had Nonni and Nonno come and they left on Saturday and Next Tuesday your time my time Next Wednesday my best friend from the US that moved to Oregon is coming and staying with Us for 1 week. We love having visitors. You guys should come next year. We are always available for family especially you guys because you guys are so much fun.