Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Golf Round Sunday, August 26th, at San Juan Oaks in Hollister, CA

Mid-week I got a call from Dan Wilcox, or as it says on the caller ID of my cell phone, "Tile Dan". You might remember Dan is the guy who did our tile a few months back, which is when we met and discovered we both love to play golf. Once again he wanted to see if I was available to fill the fourth spot in his Sunday foursome. This round was to be played in Hollister at a nice golf course called San Juan Oaks that we had played once before.

After slight hesitation I agreed to meet him for the 8:30am tee-time on Sunday. Looking back on it I can't even believe I even hesitated.

Here's how my round went. It may be boring to read through if you skim, but if you pay close attention to the outcome of each hole, you will be able imagine the way my confidence and emotions swayed throughout the round.

FIRST HOLE: Par 4, on in two, birdie! (-1)

SECOND HOLE: Par 5, on in three, three putts, bogey. (E)

THIRD HOLE: Par 4, second shot in bunker, flew bunker shot over green, chip and a two-putt, double bogey. (+2)

FOURTH HOLE: Par 4, on in two, long lag putt close, par. (+2)

FIFTH HOLE: Par 4, close to green in two, chip on, two putts, bogey. (+3)

SIXTH HOLE: 186yd Par 3, close to green in one, chipped to 7 feet, two putts, bogey. (+4)

SEVENTH HOLE: Par 4, first drive out of bounds, re-hit third shot from tee, fourth shot on green, one putt, bogey. (+5)

EIGHTH HOLE: 165yd Par 3, on in one, two putts, par. (+5)

NINTH HOLE: Par 5, second shot in water, 4th shot after penalty on green, two putts, bogey. (+6)

Front nine score of: 42

TENTH HOLE: Par 4, on in two, two putts, par. (+6)

ELEVENTH HOLE: Par 5, on in three, two putts, par. (+6)

TWELFTH HOLE: 165yd Par 3, bunker in one, flew green on bunker shot, two bad chips, chip on, one putt, triple bogey. (+9)

THIRTEENTH HOLE: Par 4, close to green in two, chipped to ten feet, one putt, par. (+9)

FOURTEENTH HOLE: Par 4, on in two, two putts, par. (+9)

FIFTEENTH HOLE: Par 5, 8 feet from hole in three, two putts, par. (+9)

SIXTEENTH HOLE: 142yd Par 3, barely over green in one, chipped on, two putts, bogey. (+10)

SEVENTEENTH HOLE: Par 4, rightward drive, second shot back into fairway, third shot pin-high right of green, chip on, two putts, double bogey. (+12)

EIGHTEENTH HOLE: Par 4, 15 feet short of green in two, chip, two putts, bogey. (+13)

Back nine score of: 43


Overall it was a very good round, with a lot of memorable shots and smooth swings. However, I did have some hiccups that had me wishing for a time machine. I'm especially referring to the three holes (3rd, 12th, and 17th) where I went a combined plus 8! If I'm ever going to consistently achieve rounds in the 70's, I'm going to have to remove these bad holes from my game by turning them into pars, or at worst two pars and one bogey.

I would like to complain that I missed some very makable putts, but I also made some good ones so I guess they balance out.

I hope I play again soon. Man I love Golf.

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