Monday, August 13, 2007

Mildest Weather Year I Can Remember

"Gosh, it sure has been a cool summer."

I find myself saying this a lot lately when discussing the weather. I haven't done any detailed weather research, but I just can't remember a summer with fewer heat waves. True, it's not over yet, but I can only remember one small stretch of heat which way back in June. Other than that, it's been extremely pleasant. This is not a gripe, it's been warm enough and I personally love the cooler temperatures, but it just seems too good to be true how great this weather is! What happened to heat waves? Are they really this rare in the south bay?

Then I think back to this past winter. It was a very light snow year in the Sierra's and I don't remember much rain here in the Silicon Valley either. I went snowboarding one day at Kirkwood in mid January, and there was barely enough snow for the resort to be open! This was particularly surprising because Kirkwood is known for its plentiful snow.

Since Spring and Fall are usually beautiful weather periods, this adds up to over a year of pretty much no concern of bad weather. How long will this trend continue? When are we going to see a bad stretch of weather again?

Who knows... A dreadful heat wave could be right around the corner. Or perhaps we're in for a nasty cold and wet winter.

Somehow I doubt it.

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