Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm a fast email person. Are you?

Some people aren't responsive to email, and some are. Some very good talented people are not responsive to email and some untalented people are very responsive, so this trait by no means is a direct indicator of how good of an employee you are. However, all things being equal, I much prefer working with quick responders who don't make me wait for the results to a quick question or request.

I am a fast email person. When people email me I typically email them back quickly. I have always been this way, even in my last job when I was extremely busy, many times on the phone with a customer while two other customers waited for me on hold. I don't like to keep people waiting just as I don't like to wait for replies, and I know my likelihood of responding is much greater if I do it promptly.

I recently got a Blackberry for work so am now even more available via email. Even though I was already a quick responder and checked my work email from home, Blackberry's take real-time availability to a whole new level.

As for those who are not quick via email....

Why aren't they? Do they just not check it? Do they check it and ignore it? If they ignore it then what compels them to sometimes reply 36 hours later randomly or is that really when they first noticed it? I realize that some people get more email than others, and that the more email you get, the harder it is to stay on top of it. However, I still feel that it's just a matter of what kind of person you are. In this world there are fast email people and slow email people.

Which kind of email person are you? For the sake of the people you work with, I hope you're a fast one.

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louisgray said...

I try to be fast, but I am now handling my e-mail In Box as open tasks, and if you're not getting a response, it's because I don't want to deal with your issue!