Sunday, August 19, 2007

Goldman Sach's Guy made $70 Million - in one year!

I've noted on this site before that I subscribe to The Wall Street Journal. It was $100 for one year and I'm 7 months into my first subscription year. I bring it to work every day provided the paperboy has dropped it off before I leave, and enjoy reading Saturday's edition on the couch with a cup of coffee. Some days I read multiple articles, and other days I may just browse the front page and read the headlines. So far it's been well worth my money, and I plan on renewing my subscription come January '08.

This Saturday morning after a great night sleep I walked downstairs, started a pot of coffee, and walked on my front porch to grab WSJ. I sat down to try to find an interesting article and got no further than the front page, to an article entitled, "Why $70 Million Wasn't Enough".


It's a fascinating article about a 48 year old Goldman Sach's investor who recently quit the firm after feeling under compensated for only getting paid $70 million last year! The article states that this equates to $200,000 a day.

This goes to show you that all things in life are relative. Whether someone is a shoe salesman (like Al Bundy), accountant, professional athlete, or a big-shot Wall Street investor, we all want fair compensation for our services. It's human nature.

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