Friday, August 24, 2007

DVD Movies: NO - DVD Seasons: YES

I'm always bewildered at Best Buy or Costco when I see people buying a handful of DVD movies at once. I think to myself, "What a waste of money. They've probably already seen most of those movies, and if they haven't, they'll probably only watch them once before leaving them to collect dust. Why don't they just join Netflix or head over to their local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video?"

I guess I could be wrong, maybe these people are buying these DVD's to watch them over and over again. Or perhaps they love these movies so much that even if they don't watch them repeatedly, they want them for their collection because the ownership of particular movies somehow forms their identity. But let's be serious here, with the exception of small children who can watch the same Disney movie over and over again, movies are typically seen once (maybe twice). It's not like music that in many cases will be listened to over and over again until and even after every last word and beat are memorized. Once you've seen a movie you've seen it, and dedicating another two hours of your life to watching it again in most cases is not a desired use of ones time.

I do own about 20 movies and they just sit there collecting dust. Most of them I bought back in college. This was before I owned a DVD burner, before I had 'real' bills, and apparently before I had enough sense to realize I was wasting my money.

I have a completely different attitude toward buying entire seasons to a favorite show on DVD. Even though these are typically more expensive than a single movie, they are worth it. There is much more viewing hours and it's broken into smaller segments. Darcy and I like to watch an episode or two in the evening before bed. It's fun. It all started back in college when I bought the first season of The Osbournes.

Since then we've watched many season's (both drama's and sitcoms) on DVD, and continue to feel that they are worth the money. Even though once they are finished it is unlikely they will ever see the inside of our DVD player again, they offer enough entertainment to merit their cost. In addition, friends and family are very likely to want to borrow them when we're done so it feels good to loan them out. For example, my mom is currently borrowing both season's of Lost.

I will attempt to list off most of the season's we've watched over the years in chronological order but do not claim this will be 100% accurate.

24 season 1:

Arrested Development Season 1:

Entourage Season 1:

Entourage Season 2:

Lost Season 1:

Lost Season 2:

The Office Season's 1 and 2:

Seinfeld Season's 1 and 2:

We just bought the third season of Seinfeld and will be starting it soon!

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