Sunday, August 5, 2007

Can the 49ers go 8-8 or better this year?

Last night Darcy and I were lucky enough to get to go to the 49er's Pasta Bowl fund raiser at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There was wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres, pasta dinner, dessert, speeches, and entertainment. All free!

The huge convention center was filled with large tables that were sponsored by various silicon valley companies. Each table had a 49er player serving food, filling up wine glasses, and mingling with the guests. Our table was run by Brian Jennings, who is the niner's long snapper. Even though he's not a well known player, we had fun being around him. He is funny and charismatic.

During dinner all the players, especially the more famous ones, as well as Mike Nolan and owner John York, were available for pictures, autographs, and conversation. After being reluctant at first, I finally decided to get in on the frenzy and get photos with some of the players. Others I took pictures of, but didn't bother getting in the picture myself.

Darcy and I with head coach Mike Nolan

49er's owner John York as he made his way by our table

2nd year tight-end Vernon Davis worked the table right next to ours

3rd year Quarterback out of the Univeristy of Utah, Alex Smith

Frank Gore, the 49ers running back who is coming off of a career year. Hopefully he can continue his emergence into stardom with another great season.

I'm hopeful the 49ers can get back to winning ways this year. The last few years they have been terrible at best, but they have showed improvement in the Nolan era. With some key acquisitions and finally some experience at key positions, Niner fans for the first time in many years have expectations. I will deem them successful this year if they can win at least half their games. Anything more will be an over achievement, anything less a disappointment.

Right now the plan is to go to the December 15th Saturday match up against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hopefully at this time they will still be playing meaningful games.

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