Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bocce Ball

Almost every Wednesday evening this fall, I play in a bocce ball league in Los Gatos at Campo di Bocce. You may have heard of bocce ball before, and probably think of it as an old person sport like shuffleboard. This is actually true, but that's because the seniors pay only $35 per month at Campo di Bocce for unlimited court time.

The rules of bocce are very simple. There are different types of courts, but in our league we play on an epoxy court. The courts used to be crushed oyster shells, but they recently upgraded. There are four members on each of the two teams, two members from each team on either end of the court. The first team throws a small silver ball called the "pallino" down the court, followed by their first throw of the regular ball. The goal is to get one or more of your teams' four balls closer to the pallino than the other teams' balls. If one team has one ball closer to the pallino than the other teams closest ball, than the team with the closest ball would score one point. Once both teams have thrown their four balls, they evaluate who is closer, mark the score, and then the members on the other end take their turn going the other way down the court. Okay, okay, that description may not sound simple, but once you play it's easy to get the hang of, I promise.

Tonight was the third night of the fall league, the second night of which I've played. (We have 8 team members so we rotate since only 4 people per night play). We play on Wednesday night, which is "expert" night at Campo di Bocce and unfortunately for us, we are not experts. In the last four seasons since we started, we have never finished better than second to last. Luckily, the second Devcon team (Deuces Wild) always manages to slide into last place with a worst record than our team which is called Devcon One.

Well, tonight we actually had a chance because the team we were playing wasn't exceptional. Jeff was invited to play with our team tonight to fill in, and he did a great job. Unfortunately, the other team beat us 12 to 6 the first game, and then 12 to 5 the second game. I was disappointed, losing every week is starting to get really old. It's still a fun time though, it's a great atmosphere and a great game.

There are two Campo di Bocce locations around here, one in Livermore and the other in Los Gatos. I encourage you to go check it out sometime if you haven't been. It makes for a great birthday party or get together, or even just something to do on a Saturday when the weather is nice. I promise you will enjoy it!

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