Thursday, July 19, 2007

TV Rant

During prime TV months it can sometimes be stressful keeping up with all the different shows on TV. Every day I get home from work and my DVR has new shows for me to watch. It's an endless cycle of watching what is has just recorded so I can delete it and make room for what is about to record.

I have to be sure to watch 24, Heroes, War at Home, 'Til Death, The Office, American Idol, Entourage, Nip/Tuck, Lost, (more that I can't think of), plus any new show that I may want to give a chance and put on season pass - and of course - sports. This is somewhat stressful combined with work at 6am, getting to the gym a few days a week, and making sure to give proper attention to Bosco.

It is such a relief after sweeps in late May when all of a sudden I get home to an empty DVR. All of a sudden I have nothing watch, so I flip the channels, watch sportcenter or the news, play the guitar, jump on youtube, or take Bosco for a much appreciated walk. There is a sense of freedom to have the burden of keeping up with these shows out from under my belt.

As the summer progresses, however, I look forward to a new season of TV. Watching my favorite shows continue on, and seeing new shows either emerge or quickly fail will be a fun experience once again.

However, this year I have decided that I don't need to watch all these shows anymore, and will be paying close attention to how much I am really enjoying each one of them. If I become bored with even my favorite show from previous years, I won't hesitate to unsubscribe.

24 gets stupider and more repetitive every year. This year Darcy and I didn't even finish the season, only making it to the 18th hour. American Idol I am officially done with, and Heroes I have my doubts about whether it can sustain the momentum it built in its rookie year. Darcy still watches Big Love, Studio 60 (before it got cancelled), Rescue Me, and Grey's Anatomy - all shows I have long since left behind.

In conclusion, it is my goal with the upcoming fall TV season to be picky with what I decide to watch. I will continue to watch what truly entertains me, and will give those new shows that initially intrigue me a chance, but I am not going to watch just to watch. This time can be better spent reading, doing tricks with the dog, practicing the guitar, exercising, sleeping, cleaning, or staying caught up with my daily online research.

I encourage you to take the same approach. Dedicate yourself and promote those shows that you enjoy, but refuse to sit through those shows that you don't. And if a show you once loved turns sour, don't be too stubborn to face the reality of it and cut ties.

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Dylan said...

Big Love is awesome, Jeff. Shame on you for giving up on it.