Sunday, July 29, 2007

Transformers is a good time out

'Transformers' is the kind of movie I would not have missed as a high-schooler. Had this movie came out in 1997, there is no doubt I would have seen in it in the first few weeks it was out. Back then my friends and I saw movies all the time. It was something to do, and we were fairly easily entertained. Weekday or weekend, if there was something we wanted to see, we saw it.

However, my movie-going habits have changed tremendously since then. I rarely make it to the theaters, and tend to say "no thanks" to most previews I see. I don't do Netflix, I barely watch movies on HBO, and almost never rent DVD's. I am clearly not a movie buff, and have accepted this reality.

So Friday when I went to see the 11:45am showing of 'Transformers' I didn't have huge hopes. I expected to see great CGI, obnoxious action scenes, and a stupid plot. I did not expect to laugh, and I was hoping the 143 minute-long movie would not seem long. Nothing is worse that being in a movie and looking forward to it ending so you can leave.

When watching 'Transformers', time was not on my mind, and I left the theater pleasantly surprised by how entertained I was. Not only was the storyline engaging and the CGI incredible, but there were plenty of laughs as well. Shia LaBeouf was very funny as the teen-age boy who found himself in the middle of everything, and Megan Fox is stunning on the big screen as his love interest/sidekick.

If you're in the mood to laugh, be impressed with incredible special effects, and watch a fun yet extremely fictional story unfold, be sure to give 'Transformers' a shot.

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