Monday, July 16, 2007

Tahoe Weekend

This weekend the Narduzzi family was in Tahoe! We stayed at Northstar, but spent a lot of time in in the north and west shores of Lake Tahoe.

My dad and I played the Donner golf course on Friday morning, and unfortunately I forgot my camera so didn't get any pictures of the beautiful, but difficult, course.

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Northstar pool, Steamers (pizza joint in King's Beach), Sunnyside (deck restaurant overlooking west shore of the lake where we rented the boat), on the lake in the boat we rented and took to Emerald Bay, and in Incline Village where we ate dinner Saturday night before heading to the Hyatt casino. Overall a very fun weekend, beautiful weather, but of course, too short. What I would give to spend a whole week there so it would be easier to relax and not feel the need to maximize every second.

Click this sentence to view pictures from the weekend (two of which are short videos).

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