Monday, July 2, 2007

In SR for first time since XMAS

This weekend I went home for the first time in 2007. I only live 100 miles away from Santa Rosa, but still went over six months without making even one trip up there! I have seen my family a few times since then either when they came and visited me, or when we met up in the city with my sister Trisha. And as you faithful Narduzzi Nation readers know, when I met my mom to drop off Bosco in Marin.

The reason for the trip up to Sonoma County was for my Grandfather's 85th birthday. Also, my uncle Mario and his family are home from China for a few weeks after spending their first of three years there. With all this going on, a family gathering made perfect sense.

Saturday morning my Nonno (grandfather in Italian), my dad, Mario, and I played golf at Windsor. Nonno works a few days a week as a marshall there so he was able to get us on for free. I always say, "nothing beats free golf!"

Here's the birthday boy! 85 years young.

Pretty mobile for 85!

Not a bad swing either!

My dad keeping score

After golf I talked Darcy and my 17 year-old sister Beth into seeing Ratatouille. We were all entertained by it but aren't claiming it to be the best 3D animation movie ever either. A colleague at the office who I've mentioned before named Louis Gray did a review of it on his blog, and I pretty much agree with him. If you'd like to read what Louis thought - and what I agree with - click HERE.

Darcy and Beth when I got home from golf, and right before I hurried them to get ready for the 2 o'clock showing of Ratatouille.

On Saturday night, the Narduzzi side of the family got together at my house for dinner and socializing. Missing from the occasion was my uncle Gene and his whole family since they live in Montana, Trisha because she was celebrating a friends bachelorette party in Tahoe, Talia (Mario's daughter) because she was in Stockton visiting her godmother, and Uncle Robert because I don't know why. Besides that everyone was there and it was a lot of fun catching up on everyone's busy lives. My 'Grammie' (mom's mom) was there as well.

Nonni, my dad, cousin Marco, Nonno, aunt Deanne

It was a fun weekend seeing the family again. When all was said and done, nobody was more tired than Bosco.

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