Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bored, or just lazy and uncreative?

Today I woke up early and played golf for the second straight morning. It was my 3rd and 4th rounds with Dan, the guy who did our tile a couple months ago. It turns out we make good golf partners, and I'm lucky to have made my way into his golfing inner circle.

Yesterday we played Coyote Creek, which is the golf course right off the 101 freeway between San Jose and Morgan Hill. Today Dan and I played Cinnabar, which is in the hills south of the Almaden Expressway. It's a fantastic course. I shot an 81 today, and it was one of the best rounds I've ever played. I've had better scores, but not on a course as difficult.

This post isn't about golf though, it is about the rest of my day after golf. The problem is I am in such a state of happiness when I'm golfing, it's often a downer to get home and have little to do. I would try to do something with Darcy, but this weekend the new Harry Potter book took over her life and I was lucky to get her to answer a yes or no question.

As a result, I found myself thinking I was bored. I eventually found my way out of this funk, but not before some analysis of what boredom really is.

Boredom is laziness combined with lack of creativity. If you're bored, you need to become un-bored, but how? To achieve this you need to be creative enough to come up with stuff to do that would remove this boredom, and then once you think of something, you need to be motivated enough to actually do it.

Go for a run, read, get online and do some work, clean out your closet, go shoot hoops, take the dog to the park, go shopping (clothes and/or groceries), learn how to cook something new, download guitar pro software and teach yourself a new song, dust, finish caulking the baseboards upstairs from two months ago, watch a movie, etc...

Figuring this out today, I got some stuff accomplished and removed boredom from my mindset. I ended up having a pretty good day, not because I was having all kinds of post-golf fun, but because I was productive. From now on whenever I think I may be bored, I'm going to do something about it, realizing that I am really just being lazy and uncreative.

Life is too short to be bored!

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