Monday, July 9, 2007

Come On Bonds!

I've had so much fun rooting for Barry Bonds the last 15 years. He has provided me with so much entertainment watching him hit. His ability to take advantage of the few hittable pitches he is given - per year, per game, per at-bat - is amazing. He has 2,517 career walks, which is mostly attributed to pitchers purposely steering clear of the strike zone when facing him. His on-base percentage this year as a broken down 43-year-old is still amazingly above .500. I'm not even going to begin to say anything opposing Bonds unprecedented abilities and feats.

As far as his image goes... I forgive him for doing steroids, I forgive him for being unlikeable, I forgive him for hardly ever smiling.

Bonds will not be participating in the home run derby today, and for this I do not forgive him. He claims it's too hard on his body. When asked to comment on letting his home San Francisco fans down by opting not to partake, he said, "I think I have come through enough for the city of San Francisco."

Yes, Bonds has done a lot for us, but....

I don't see any world series rings.
I don't see much the last few years as far as performance goes.
I don't see a full-time player anymore
I don't see a winning team

So Barry, even though it's fun to see you chase this record and still be in a Giants uniform, you are also partly to blame for them being an old tired team with no future past your home run record!

The fans of SF rallied to get you in the all-star game and would love to see you participate in the derby. Would it be so hard to smile, tip your cap, and try to hit a couple balls into the water? We're not asking you to win it, just be involved! Would that really be so hard on your back? You manage to play 9 innings almost every day, playing defense and hitting against big league pitching. In the home run derby the pitchers are throwing up meatballs for you to swing at! And once you hit it, you don't even have to run!

If your body isn't able to participate in a silly home run contest, you should just quit right now! I think I am with most Giants fans who just want you to break this record and retire so we can start thinking about building a winning team rather than you and the circus that follows you!

Be in the home run derby for us, but also be in it for you. It wouldn't hurt to have the country saying you did something that was unselfish for a change!

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