Sunday, June 3, 2007

Who Knew I'd End Up Golfing Today?

One of my favorite things about life is that you never know what might happen.

This weekend Darcy was up in Pinecrest for "the girls" annual camping trip, leaving me at home to watch the pets. We had also arranged - thanks to Darcy's connections with Reputable Tile - for our kitchen and two 1/2 bathrooms to get tile floors put in.

Two guys showed up at 9:30am on Saturday to start the demo of our current floors, and then begin tiling. They started downstairs in the kitchen and got to the guest bathroom upstairs, but still haven't done the master bathroom. That will be done Monday and Tuesday, and then they'll be done, and we'll be happy.

So Saturday I'm sitting on the couch while they are working, strumming my guitar and watching professional golf in high definition. The superintendent kept stopping to watch a shot or putt as he walked by the tv. Eventually, he asked me if I play golf. I of course answered, "Yes". He then tells me he's playing tomorrow morning (Sunday), and there's a spot open for a fourth if I want to play. I take a split second to make sure I don't have plans, and then tell him, "I'm in".

The round today was out in Hollister at San Juan Oaks Golf Club. It's a great course, and because it's an hours drive outside the Silicon Valley, and is a not cheap $80 to play, it was not crowded. My biggest complaint when playing a round of golf is having to wait at every tee for the group in front of you to wait for the group in front of them. Today, we did not have to wait on one shot all round!

Back to the theme of this post: I woke up Saturday morning having no clue that the next day I'd be in Hollister playing a great golf course on a beautiful day with a good group of guys. Very often in life, the best times come about unexpectedly. I think the fact that they are unexpected is part of what makes them so great.

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