Friday, June 22, 2007

Referral From Other Blog Causes Spike In Traffic

Darcy signed us up on statcounter, which is a service for monitoring traffic to your blog. On the day after a post we usually see anywhere from 10 to 20 unique visitors. This is undoubtedly from friends, immediate family, and a few colleagues at the workplace who check in occasionally. Some have made a habit of checking in, others I remind.

Last Thursday and Friday, there was a spike in traffic to 'Narduzzi Nation'. Here is a bar chart showing these results:

I posted 'Police Concert' Thursday evening which explains the heavy traffic on Friday, but why the spike on Thursday, a day in which there was no new post to read? It turns out a fellow blogger at the office, Louis Gray (in marketing), did a blog post about some amateur bloggers. In the post, he listed off six of them he follows - including Narduzzi Nation. He provided a link to the site as well as a link to a "can't miss post". In his opinion, our can't miss post was 'Bosco Heads to Santa Rosa for the Long Weekend'.

Louis' blog is fairly well-read. He writes about technology, sports, politics, or any other idea, concept, or news event he feels like commenting on. I keep up with partly because I know him, but also because it is good entertainment.

If you'd like to read his post from last Wednesday, June 13th, when he gave a shout out to Narduzzi Nation, then click here. I don't do this for the glory, and never plan on making it big is the blogosphere, but a little plug here or there is appreciated.

Up to that point it had been all self promotion.

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