Monday, June 11, 2007

Knocked Up

Nope, I'm not talking about Darcy.

Darcy and I went to a rare movie on Saturday to see 'Knocked Up'. We needed something relaxing and entertaining in the wake of our tiring baseboard project (that I'll be posting about later), so we decided to catch a comedy.

Katherine Heigl of Grey's Anatomy, is perfect as the "knocked up" Allison Scott, and looks great on screen. Seth Rogan, who had supporting roles in both '40 Year Old Virgin' and 'You, Me, and Dupree', stars alongside Heigl and plays the likeable yet unpolished Ben Stone.

I expect both of these actors to be in many more movies over the next few years. They are both fresh faces and personalities who I think movie-goers will pay to see.

Both Darcy and I walked out of the theater in a good mood, commenting that we would recommend it. So if you find yourself in the mood to be entertained in front of the big screen for a couple hours, be sure to consider 'Knocked Up'.

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