Wednesday, June 6, 2007

John Mayer: HP Pavilion (6/5/07)

About five years ago I bought John Mayer's debut album and went through a phase of listening to it. I never loved it as a whole album, but liked (and still like) a few tracks fairly well. I even saw him at a show in Boston when visiting my sister a few years back. When his second album came out I liked the title track 'Bigger Than My Body' on the radio, but was never motivated to buy the whole album. In 2006, John Mayer released 'Continuum' and I bought it based on my friend Kainoa endorsing it in a blog-post on MySpace.

It turns out Kainoa was right, 'Continuum' was worthy of promotion. I like just about every track on the album, and a good handful of them are timeless for me. For a period, I recommended it to everyone I talked music with - and in some cases to even those who I didn't.

Last night's show in downtown San Jose at the HP Pavilion was just one of many stops on his summer-long nationwide tour leg. He has been touring for over 10 months with stops already in the U.S, Canada, Europe, The United Emirates (Dubai), New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. It's simply a case of strike while the iron's hot, and Mr. Mayer has never been as well respected as a musician or as recognizable in pop culture, as he is now. His on/off relationship with Jessica Simpson has been great for publicity, but I would claim it's been the great sound of his music that has been the biggest contributor to his catapulted fame.

The concert was very good even though I was tired and didn't get to hear 'Stop This Train' and 'Heart of Life' - two of my favorite John Mayer songs. My favorite part of the experience was watching and listening to him play the guitar. Now that I have been playing the guitar I listen to it with more scrutiny and appreciation, and John Mayer is an amazing guitar player.

Set List:
No Such Thing
Good Love is On the Way
Bigger Than My Body
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
I Don't Need No Doctor
Why Georgia
Waiting on the World to Change

-- encore --
Slow Dancing (acoustic)
83 (acoustic)
Who Did You Think I Was (acoustic)
I'm Gonna Find Another You

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