Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home Improvement

Two weekends ago (while I was camping at Pinecrest), we had one of my subcontractors come over and remove our old flooring in the kitchen/entry/bath and the two upstairs baths. They then put in new tile throughout. It looked good, but not great until last weekend when Jeff and I installed new baseboards over the tile. We still aren't done because there is some caulking to be finished, but it looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did before. Here are some before and after pics of our little home improvement project.

Guest bath upstairs
6"x6" tumbled ceramic tile

Master bath
12"x12" natural stone

12"x12" ceramic tile
Downstairs 1/2 bath (no before picture)
12"x12" ceramic tile

This last pic of the 1/2 bath is a better representation of the tile color downstairs. The other pics look a little washed out.

We are very happy with how the tile turned out, it is a huge improvement from before. Although the wood in the kitchen/entry doesn't look that bad in the pics above, it was scratched, had huge gaps in it and was very creaky. Also, there was black rubber base installed over it under the cabinets. The white base which we put in there now looks 100% better.

Next home improvement windows????

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