Thursday, June 21, 2007

Haircut for Bosco; and some new bling

About four times a year, Bosco's hair gets to a length where a haircut becomes a must. For his last couple haircuts Darcy has taken him on a weekday to a place nearby her work at Santa Clara University. She drops him off before work at just after 7am, and then picks him up at lunchtime and drops him off at home.

His hair got very long recently, so today Darcy took him in to get groomed. He looks so good that I just have to show him off!

In addition, last Saturday at the Willow Glenn Street Fair, we stumbled into a dog boutique and ended up buying him a new SF Giants collar (not too proud of it at the moment as they've lost 19 of 24), a harness for when we take him on walks, and a toy pictured below.

Bosco pimpin' his new collar (Giants haven't won since he got it)

Happily feasting on his bone with his new 'do'

Bosco will love walks even more with his new harness

At the boutique we also bought him a new toy that he is very fond of

This is a view of the Willow Glen Street Fair where we did our 'Bosco shopping'

Last but not least, I caught a video of Bosco happy to see me when I got home from the gym. It's quite funny because when either of us gets home he goes and finds his bone, and then climbs around on the couch and growls with his little tail shaking rapidly. He does this for minutes until he finally settles down. The amazing thing is it never fails, every single day he's just as happy to see us as the day before. We love him.

Click here to see video!

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