Friday, June 29, 2007

Bye bye Jason Richardson

I'll make this quick because I'm at work making this post, but the news just hit me on the way to the office so I need to react and tribute.

Jason Richardson, who has served the Golden State Warriors since his Championship run with Michigan state in 2000, has been traded. In Jason's six seasons with the Warriors, here are the stats that he was able to pile up. He also won two slam dunk contests, and had many dazzling in-game dunks in a Warrior uniform that I will not forget. He is one of the games premiere leapers.

In return, the Warriors are receiving rookie Brandon Wright. Wright is coming off his freshman year at UNC, was drafted 8th by Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats, is 6'10", and has loads of potential. On the radio, I heard a soundbite of Stephen A. Smith's reaction to the trade, and he feels the Warriors are the clear winner. J-Rich is owed $48 million over the next 4 years, and is not a franchise player. With Wright, the dubs add size, youth, and open up cap space. The KG rumors are out there, so we'll see what is yet to come.

All good things come to an end, and J-Rich was a good thing. I enjoyed watching him, I appreciate the entertainment he gave me, and the hard work he put toward making my favorite team relevant in the NBA. I am very happy that he was able to be a part of their magical playoff run this year.

J-Rich, you will be missed. But as a fan who has the Warriors best interests in mind, I understand why Mullin did this trade. I will root for you 80 out of the 82 games you play next season.

Come on Warriors, keep improving. I want to root for a championship contender this season!

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