Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend In SLO

This weekend Darcy and I returned to San Luis Obispo, where we met, and where we share many memories. The reason for the trip 3 hours south down highway 101 was for the annual 7 a-side soccer tourny that I had played in while at Poly. This year, much like six years ago when I turned 21, it fell on Cinco de Mayo - my birthday - so we splurged and stayed at the Madonna Inn.

Some thoughts and comments about the weekend.

- Change: The town has developed quite a bit since our days as students. Not only are there massive dorm projects both finished and in construction, but there are new educational buildings, and Mustang Stadium is much improved as well. The visitors side bleachers were torn down and in their place is now the newly built home side that expands over the road. It appears to be state of the art, is very nice looking, and was a much need improvement. Off campus there are some changes as well. Firestones grill is much nicer than before, with a new floor, a new much larger bar, HD Plasmas, and upgraded tables that are stuck in the floor. The booths have also been removed and replaced with tables that are much more suitable for larger crowds. Kitty corner to Firestones is of course the new development where there used to be a parking lot.

- Soccer: Our team didn't play that well together in my opinion, but still managed to win a couple games. We squeaked into the playoffs and lost in the first round. The group of guys were cool, and it was fun meeting some new people. Darcy, Crissy, and Elena served as our fanbase throughout the weekend. The highlight of the weekend for me was scoring from way out on a volley against another team of former Cal Poly players.

- Bar Scene: Saturday night we of course hit the town for dinner and drinks and what ended up being a little dancing. We had a great time at the library, a bar we previously didn't think very much of. Although I am not a crazy bar kind of guy, I do think that San Luis Obispo has a great bar scene. There are many diverse options for people with different goals and ideas of fun. Frog and Peach had a band playing, The Library had a DJ, Firestones had every sport imaginable on its large screens, and Mission Grill was for seeing people you know, catching up, and reminiscing about old times. And there is Woodstocks open til the wee hours for a late-night snack.

- Nostalgia: Not an hour went by that I wasn't longing for the day that I lived in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo. I love it! Perfect weather, young demographic, no traffic, beach, Firestones, awesome downtown, and the list could go on and on.... But as I got to thinking, there are things about the Silicon Valley that I have grown accustom to that SLO cannot offer. For example, I live 10 miles from an international airport, am near Arena's that play host to major concerts and various sporting events, etc., I have shoreline in my backyard, and have reasonable access to San Francisco and the East Bay. I conclude that although the SLO-life has its benefits and was a great place to go to college, right now I need access to the large economy and the major events that the Bay Area plays home to. Could I live in SLO someday though? Never say never.

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Mindy said...

Hi Jeff,

I thoroughly enjoyed heaaring about your nostaglic weekend in SLO. It made me long for the days when we would visit you there and watch you play soccer. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. By the way, it's a good thing that you became an Engineer and didn't major in English. "Darcy and I's" is not exactly proper English. Kind of like "Me and Eli."