Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Weekend in LA

I went to LA this weekend, a place that I really haven't spent much time in my 27 years of living in California. My three childhood trips to Disneyland, a few drives south during college to visit Trisha at UCLA (including going to game seven of the Laker/Blazers conference finals in 2000), a job interview in The City of Industry, Mandi and Eric's wedding in 2004 in Palos Verdes, and now last weekend for Ben's bachelor party are my only recollections of being in the greater Los Angeles area.

Ben's best childhood friend, Jacob, lives in Los Feliz, which is very close to the recently burned Griffith Park, and also Hollywood. He lives with three other roommates in a neat two story house that is slightly on a hill, giving it a great view down into Hollywood. The view would no doubt be much better if it wasn't for the ever present LA smog.

I flew into Burbank at 2:30 on Friday, and the festivities began right away. We spent the afternoon enjoying beautiful weather, playing Nintendo Wii, watching the Warriors blow out Utah in what turned out to be their only win of the series, and capped the night with a poker tournement.

Saturday was spent around the house, playing video games, hanging out with a beer in hand, and watching NBA basketball playoffs. Ben's friends are a great group of guys and I enjoyed getting to know them.

At 7 o'clock the cabs came to drive us down Hollywood Blvd and eventually to Blowfish Sushi on Sunset Blvd between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. On our way we passed the famous spot of the Oscars. Our cab driver was talkative and said that leading up to The Oscars five surrounding blocks around Kodak Theater are closed down for security reasons.

I was familiar with Blowfish Sushi since I have been to the one here in San Jose located in Santana Row. Needless to say, the food was delicious, and in case you wonder how the food looked, here's a visual for you. Also included is a picture of me washing my hands in the bathroom at the sushi restaurant. It's a sink/faucet like I've never seen before and everyone got a kick out of it. I'm sure there are sinks like it in posh establishments everywhere, but to us it seemed "very LA".

After sushi we went downtown LA where we had a couple suites in a hotel called "The Standard". It's a very hip hotel, with a very metro feel to it. The top of the hotel has a pool and bar 15 stories up in the heart of the city. It was pretty neat to be there. Here is a picture of the outside area atop the hotel the next morning.

I will see everybody from this weekend again Memorial Day weekend for Ben's wedding. I'll also get to hang out with my good friend Dylan, who is attending law school there at Lewis & Clark. I've only been to Portland once, and it was very short. I was there for Cal Poly soccer when we flew into Portland and then drove south to Corvalis to play Oregon State. We got to walk around downtown for a few hours, but I don't remember it that well.

Be sure to check back in after Memorial Day weekend (if not before) to hear, and see, how my trip went!