Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tough Loss for the dubs

Everyone that knows me knows my heart and soul is into the Warriors playoff run. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire game last night that had them going down to wire against the Utah Jazz, and eventually losing 112-116. Derron William and Carlos Boozer stepped up big time for Utah, and AK-47 Andre Kirilinko had a nice game as well. For the Warriors, it was great to see Al Harrington back in the mix.

It's a best out of seven series and we are far from out of it. The Warriors need to rebound better and just continue to play hard Warrior basketball and they should be fine. I see this series going six if not seven games.

It's always tough when you play that well on the road and end up losing. Some say it's better to get blown out and save some energy for the next game. I say this loss is much better for their confidence. Just like how they bounced back in game 6 (albeit at home) after a tough loss in game 5 against the Mavericks, they will do so in game 2 against the Jazz.

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