Friday, May 25, 2007

Stuck at SJC

This weekend is my best friend Suzi's wedding in Las Vegas. I just got to the airport for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 4:40pm. I stood in line at security for about 15 minutes (not bad considering the length of the line) and then got a spot right next to the gate. As I'm getting comfy, the attendant says that our flight is delayed until at least 6:30 due to an equipment malfunction in Philadelphia! Are you kidding me?!!?! So now instead of arriving in Vegas at 6, I won't get there until at least 8. Sucks...

But at least they have free wireless internet at SJC.

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louisgray said...

Well duh. :-)

That always happens. You can pretty much bank on it.

Examples: Robert Scoble: Travel Disaster

and mine...

1. Merry Christmas, Your Flight Is Canceled

2. Stuck At the Airport Again, Thanks to US Airways

Have fun in Vegas once you get there!