Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bosco Heads to Santa Rosa for the Long Weekend

Preparing to leave town for Memorial Day weekend started this evening.

This weekend I'll be heading north to Portland for my friend Ben's wedding, and Darcy will be in Las Vegas to stay at The Luxor and be a bridesmaid in Suzi's wedding. Both weddings are on Sunday, but our flights are Friday right after work, and we won't be home until Monday.

This situation begs the question: What are you going to do with Bosco? Answer: The same thing we did when we got married and went on a week-long honeymoon in Tahiti - drive him to the Innout Burger in Marin County where my mom will meet me to pick him up and drive him the rest of the way to Santa Rosa. Even though Santa Rosa isn't close (100 miles away), we are very lucky to have my parents so willing to take care of Bosco in these situations. My mom loves him almost as much as we do, and Mac (my parents Westie pictured below) is the one dog Bosco is actually happy to hang out with.

Some Highlights from our journey.

Bosco all packed and ready to go!:

Bosco getting nice and comfortable during the hour drive to Marin:

Saying goodbye to daddy (Darcy couldn't make the trip because she had a bocce ball game):

Bosco's excited to spend the next five days with his best friend Mac!:

Either Monday evening or Tuesday after work I'll be making the same drive back to Marin to get Bosco. We'll miss him but it's great to know he will be having fun and be well taken care of while we are off watching our friends get married in other states.

It's going to be really weird in the morning when I don't have a hungry dog to feed.

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