Monday, January 20, 2014

Ice Skating

This weekend two of Darcy's best friends from her childhood, Suzi and Melissa, came to visit.  Suzi now lives in Las Vegas with her husband Jeff and four year old son Carson, while Melissa lives Arroyo Grande with her husband Shannon and two kids Elliot and Kellen.  The only one absent from this weekend was Suzi's husband Jeff, who was back in Vegas gambling, cleaning pool filters, and watching sports.

As soon as the O'Neals showed up on Saturday following their 3+ hour drive from the central coast, we decided to adventure off to Sharks Ice, which is a large facility with three ice rinks, and is located across the street from Spartan Stadium and adjacent to where the San Jose Giants play.  Open skate is from 1-4.

I was both nervous and excited to see my kids get on the ice for the first time.  They were definitely excited to give it a whirl having just watched The Mighty Ducks with Darcy and I just a week ago, but who knows how they would do.  I was hoping they would enjoy it, experience improvement, and not be resistant to even trying. Other than Ryan fussing when I put on his skates and being a little reluctant to take the ice at first, it was a success!

Check out he videos of each of them skating around:

Even though they had to rely on the buckets, and their form was very "walk-like", their confidence grew throughout the hour they spent on the ice, and most importantly, they had a good time.

Each of them had a couple falls and even shed a few tears, and Sean even got brave enough to push the bucket several yards away from him and then skate to it.  We look forward to perhaps skating in a couple weeks when we head to NorthStar for a couple of days.  They will also be trying skiing for the first time!

Left to Right:  Elliot, Carson, Sean, Ryan, Kellen

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gutter Cleaning!

Depending on where your house is relative to trees, you may or may not be able to fully relate to how I spent my Saturday afternoon and last day of November, 2013.  With Fall now in full swing, many trees are nearly fully shed of their leaves, which is the case of the two large trees that hover over the front left of my house (front left if you're facing it).

When we got home from Ceres yesterday it was time to take action.  I went to Home Depot to buy an electric blower (my gas one is no longer working), grabbed my ladder and 100 foot extension cord, and ascended to my roof.

Here is some video footage:

After nearly an hour on the roof I had cleaned out all the gutters and blew off about 90% of the leaves that were on the roof prior to the start of my work.   You can never get them all, so why try.

Unfortunately, there is more to the project than just walking around my roof with the blower, which is actually kind of fun, albeit a little dangerous (especially with electric blower rather than gas since the cord is a tripping hazard, although I much prefer electric and not having to deal with gas running out and pulling string to get it started, etc).  Once I safely got down from the roof, I had to deal with a circular pile of leaves surrounding my house.  It was so obnoxious that my attempt to tell Darcy we could wait until the gardeners come on Thursday was met with a, "no way".

I was half joking when I suggested this.  The front door was totally blocked.

I smiled and agreed and got to work with the push broom and garbage bucket, sweeping and scooping away.  Pretty soon, the pile in front of my house looked like this!

The lack of rain, despite contributing to our looming drought, was beneficial for me in this years gutter cleaning because there was minimal "swampy-ness" at the bottom of the gutters.  Swampy gutters make much more of a mess along the ground and outside of your house (from the blower).  In the past years with more pre-Thanksgiving rain, the gutters have been much wetter, and therefore cleanup has been much nastier.

I look forward to doing this again next year!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

33 1/2

They say life is like a roll of toilet paper... The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.  And it's so true.  Mathematically speaking, as we get older each day becomes a smaller percentage of our life, so it should be no surprise each day would seem shorter.  I'm scared and nervous to experience how fast it will go when I get even older.

Today I turn 33 1/2, and before I know it, I'll be 34 and officially in my mid 30's.  My kids are now 5 1/4 (today actually as Sean's birthday is August 5th), and nearly 3 1/2.

However, I couldn't be more happy about where we're at.  Darcy and I both have fulfilling and challenging jobs, our kids make us laugh and surprise us with what they know every day, and we have a good home in one of the better places to live in the world (at least we feel that it is).

I'm saddened that I gave up on this blog a few years back.  I was burnt out, and also came the emergence of Facebook, with status updates, pictures, and even videos, that could be posted on the fly right from the smartphone.  Why spend all this time writing posts to share pictures, when I could easily just post them to my wall in a quick second for all my "friends" to see, which was a lot larger group than my loyal Narduzzi Nation following?

Because of that decision, I have lost two years of documentation, color, and analysis of our events, travels, and milestones.  Yes, we have plenty of pictures and videos in our phones, on Facebook, and downloaded to my Youtube account, but it's not the same.

Thus, I pledge to write 3-4 times a month about what is going on in the Narduzzi Nation:  starting now.

Welcome back everyone!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life is a Highway

Sean and Ryan have both fallen in deep love with Rascal Flat's version of the song "Life is a Highway" from the Cars 1 soundtrack.  Just about every day they ask me to put it on, and it's hard to say no because it provides me with the opportunity to see them run around and dance and be happy for a few minutes; so why not?!

Unfortunately I messed up when filming so the video is broken into two parts:

Part 1:  The Anticipation

Part 2:  The Craziness

I have been taking a bunch of videos on my iPhone lately, and when they are good, I simply upload them to YouTube right on the spot!

Here are a few other recent videos:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ryan Loves Money

Here is a video from today of Ryan going down for his nap.  I didn't end up letting him sleep with the quarter because of fear choking hazard, but he sure wanted to!

Ryan is talking up a storm these days, learning new words and phrases every day.  And he seemingly can understand almost everything we say to him.

He turns 2 on June 9th!

 This weekend we went to Pacific Grove to hang out with Darcy's family. We had a great time. We relaxed to ocean views, we played golf, and enjoyed delicious food. Sean and Ryan also had a great time playing with themselves and with the Bakers. Barbara brought some toys, one of them being the loud dinosaur from Toy Story that Sean spent a whole Christmas playing with two years ago.  As you can see from this video, too much of this toy will drive you nuts :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ryan is Walking!

Well, it took him 18+ months but Ryan is finally walking! It's not his preferred method of transportation but he's definitely getting better at it. See for yourself.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

iPhone Photo Dump

I finally got around to uploading all the pictures from my are a few my favorites.

Ryan and Bosco sharing a meal (not really).

Sean's first dentist appointment, he actually did really well
 and was happier than he looks in this picture.

Ryan bumming some kettle corn at the Giants game from
the guys in front of us.

Ryan and his typical "happy" face.

A cool picture taken from the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago.

iPhones rule, especially with the Camera+ app.